Our full-fledged orthopaedics department is one of the advanced units. We are fully equipped to perform total hip replacements, hip resurfacing, total knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement, ankle shoulder & elbow replacements and small joint replacements of hands & feet. All arthrosurgeric procedures of knee, shoulder, hip and other small joints are conducted here.

The department of Orthopaedics focuses on correction, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the skeletal deformities of patients, in different age groups. We provide management of Non traumatic and trauma related musculoskeletal problems.

  • Traumatic surgery- Surgeries for fracture of long bones and surgeries of hand and foot.
  • Arthroscopy- Key hole surgeries of shoulder, Sports injury surgery and Knee like ACL reconstruction, Meniscus surgery and shoulder instability surgeries.
  • Arthroplasty – Hip, knee and shoulder replacement surgery.
  • Paediatric – For deformity correction.
  • Tumour- Biopsy, excision, Bone grafting.
  • Minor – Soft tissue procedures like trigger finger, carpel tunnel, Hallux valgus.


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