Sanjivani endocrinology experts have work with the newest therapies, and develop effective treatment alternatives for people with diabetes or other endocrine disorders who don’t respond to traditional treatments and the experts are specially trained physicians who diagnose diseases related to the glands. While primary care doctors know a lot about the human body, for diseases and conditions directly related to glands they will usually send a patient to an endocrinologist.

Endocrinology is the branch of medicine that deals with diseases and disorder of hormones. Hormones are highly receptive chemicals discharged from specific cells in the body that are known as Endocrine Glands.

Endocrine diseases are generally slow to develop and their initial symptoms are vague. They require particular examinations for a precise conclusion. Majority of the endocrine ailments are deep rooted and lead to a gradual development of complications. Comprehensive management of endocrine diseases ensures high quality lifestyle, counteractive action of terminal complexities and a prolonged lifespan.


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