The Dietetics department of Sanjivani hospital provide best possible treatment to the patients. The department is functional from 9 am to 5:30 pm and is looking after both IPD (In Patient Department) and OPD (Out Patient Department).

Dietician plan diet for each and every patient according to the diagnosis and requirement. Dietician meet all the patients on admission to assess their nutritional status and to know their food habits. On basis of the nutritional status of the patients and their liking, disliking, food allergies and ethnic background diet plans are formulated.

Feedback is taken from each patient on a daily basis to minimize any diet related hazards. The patients who are unable to have normal foods (mainly Geriatric patients and children) special care are taken to keep their nutritional status on the mark.

Diet counselling of patient and patients’ relative are done during the discharge. Diet chart is also provided. All the dietary advices are planned in coordination with the treating consultant. One of the major parts of dietary services is providing therapeutic diet to the admitted patients.

There is an in-house kitchen where there are more than 15 staffs working from 6 am to 9 pm. All the meals are nutritionally balanced and food quality is checked by the dieticians every day. There are set menu for different types of diseases, but modification are done on the basis of individual requirement. All foods are cooked and served maintaining the highest hygienic norms. Quality of raw food products are checked regularly. Proper temperature is maintained to keep frozen food items healthy. The stored food are used by FIFO (First in first out) method.

For OPD patients (Outpatient department) diet counselling are done by the dietician on doctor referral basis. But individual can come for a diet consultation by self-interest on appointment basis.

The Dietician is imparting training on dietetics to the students of different universities who come for hospital internship.


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