Our department if equipped with latest digital imaging equipments to help us in accurate diagnosis to meet the needs of patients and clinicians. The department houses 3 ultrasound machines, digital radiography, C- arm and portable X-Ray machines.
Facilities and procedures :

  • Ultrasonography with Doppler study of all body parts
  • High resolution ultrasonography of small parts
  • Obstetric ultrasonography which enable prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal and congenital anomalies.
  • Pelvic Ultrasonography with transvaginal facilities.
  • Doppler study for peripheral vascular diseases.
  • Ultrasound guided biopsies, aspirations and interventions.
  • Digital radiography.
  • X-Ray ,CT ,Mammogram, & 24 hour working.
  • All routine and special contrast studies.

Our Team

Dr. Geena Benjamin
Sr. Consultant Radiologist
Dr. Amith
Dr. Amith Itty
(Consultant Radiologist)
Dr. Lisa
(Consultant Radiologist)