• The hospital has centralized oxygen, air and vacuum to all the required departments including the IP.
  • Sterilization is maintained by the center sterilization department, which Supplies sterile materials and instruments to OT and other departments.
  • The hospital has a sewage treatment plant with 100 m3 per day capacity. A well organized irrigation system is present to utilize the output of the STP for maintaining the greenery in the hospital compound.
  • There are two 1 lakh lite underground water sumps for the water requirement of the hospital. The system is supported by an overhead RCC tank of 25000 lots, as well as 2 fiber tanks of 5000lts capacities.
  • A sophisticated pneumatic pressure pump mechanism is employed to deliver the right amount of pressure in the pipes throughout the hospital.
  • The solar panel is installed on the roof top of the building for heating water provided to the IP rooms. The capacity of the solar water heater is 2000lts.
  • There is one, 13 passenger lifts in the annex building, While a 20 passenger lift plies in the main building. The main building has the provision for another more 2 lifts.
  • A laundry is available for keeping the linen clean. The equipment has the capacity  of 25kg and includes an extractor and drier. The canteen facility is currently outsourced to a contractor. It is a well set up facility, with separate areas for kitchen and storage. Interiors are done to suit the health requirements of the hospital. The food waste can be put into the 15 m3 bio-gas plants . This in turn fuels the stoves of the kitchen.
  • The hospital has a standby power of 500Kv, supported by two 12 kva generator and 250 kva generator.
  • An isolated transformer room housing a 400kv transformer, is ideally located, away from hazardous environments.
  • Fire safety has been commissioned as per norms. The entire design has been done by experts, with sufficient sprinklers and alarms and two 40hp pumps reach water to the outlets. Fire escape exists and ladders have been designed for easy evacuation to safe zones.
  • Disposal of non-biomedical waste, apart from food waste, is accomplished by the use of an incinerator. The height of the chimney is as per PCB norms and necessary approvals have been obtained for operation.