Social Commitment

We provide concessions to genuine cases and organize various community camps. Our social commitments are never over looked and we look forward to find ways in achieving them.

Registrations are taken at our hospital, and other specified centres. The diagnosis and the treatment details will be provided free of cost to the patients.

As a good will gesture and as an introduction to our hospital we would also like to offer you the privilege of taking registration for your regular patients in particular and others in general for the camps. There will be an advertisement in the local news papers and TV .Please provide your consent, so that we can include your name, and update you with more information on this camp.

We request you to promote our endeavour to serve the society by supporting our institution. Please make use of our facilities for referrals and inpatient care so that your patients are given the best medical attention and they return back to you with appreciation and gratefulness.

We thank you in anticipation for taking your time to carefully read this introduction letter. We invite you to our Hospital and have your first hand know how of the facility as well as our staff and Doctors. It will be appreciated and we will have the immense pleasure to welcome you on a visit to our hospital at your convenient time.