• Sanjivani takes pride in being one of the most advanced in IT set up. The entire operation is controlled by a customized ERP, running on an oracle platform. A gigbit backbone powers the hospital network with the wi-fi access points in the main building and annex building. The consultants use EMR module, which do away the requirement for patient files. The x-ray and lab results also can be viewed on the consultant systems, thereby reducing the waiting time for patients.
  • The X-ray department is fully digitized. The fixed x-ray is 300 mA equipment. DICOM is used to send the images to the consultant system. A server with one 1TB capacity is used for this purpose and to store images. The x-ray technicians also operate the C-Arm in the ortho OT.  A 100 mA mobile x-ray also available for those bedridden patients who can not bring to the x-ray department.
  • Apart from an x-ray department, the radiology unit  also has  two fourth generation ultrasound machine, one purely catering to the fertility center  patients.
  • The cardiology department also has an ECHO and TMT machine.
  • A fully automatic diagnostic laboratory functions in the hospital. The lab has a fully automatic bio-chemistry analyzer, blood gas analyzer, sodium-potassium analyzer, microbiology unit and a blood storage unit. One section on the fourth floor of the main building is the blood bank.
  • Each OP floor has it’s own pharmacy to facilitate ease of patient movement and better services.
  • There are two ambulances, which are available around the clock. A home health ambulance also available for the home health team, Consisting of a doctor, 2 nurse, a coordinator and driver, which make routine visits to the patients who have registered  for the service.
  • A well structured and innovatively designed MRD, with facility to store up to 100,000 files, makes retrieval of files very easy for the staff.
  • The hospital has a 10 bed casualty department, along with a 4 bed observation room and a full fledged minor OT. There are 100 private rooms, of which 4 are AC rooms. Additionally 4 deluxe rooms and 4 semi-deluxe rooms make up the private IP facility. An 8 bed female ward , 8 bed male ward and 8 bed pediatric ward make up the general ward facility. A 6 bed NICU, 9 bed ICU, 2 bed SICU and 2 bed PICU make up the intensive care unit. There are 6 major OT’s in the hospital. The hospital is very well ventilated with natural light and ample open areas, which makes the usual environment of a hospital, absent Sanjivani.
  • A well-lit compound with ample structured parking space for more than 100 cars with more area for development is available around the hospital building. The doctors have personalized shaded parking. The entire area is either paved or tarred, keeping the surrounding neat and tidy.